Management contractor for Mayor Mohammed Hanif Flyover

Name of Client: Orion Infrastructure Ltd.
Location within the Country: Dhaka

Description of Project:

Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover is an outcome of innovative technical and financial engineering and it is the most exciting development in Bangladesh’s transport history. It is expected to help people as well as businesses by providing a free-flow movement to traffic coming and going out of the National Capital. This facility could be benchmarked with the best expressways in the world as the best of the design and engineering technologies have been incorporated into this project to bring in the class of best expressways worldwide. Realizing the critical importance of BOT projects in infrastructure development, Orion Infrastructure Limited took the initiative of being a pioneer in this growth model, which facilitates direct private sector investment in large-scale infrastructure projects. Within the framework of BOT projects, the company has selected transportation as its focus sector given that an efficient and well–integrated transport system not only sustains and drives economic development but more importantly promotes and strengthens national integration.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Establishment of ETS, RFID
  • Flyover Maintenance
  • Bank protection works inspection and maintenance
  • Road Patrolling and road management
  • Road, road structure & Embankment Maintenance
  • Workshop management
  • Water and electricity supply
  • Safety and Security
  • Environments, Gardening, health and hygiene
  • Related equipment and vehicle operation & maintenance
  • Toll office operation & maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) of ITS
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Management system
  • Procurements of vehicles/ tools & equipment/ toll collection systems and IT equipment related to the O&M activities.
  • Training of Orion personnel for the purpose of technology transfer.