Toll Collection activity, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Operation, and Maintenance of Jatir Pita Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Mohasharak under road division, Munshiganj

Name of Associated Consultants: Korea Expressway Corporation (Lead Firm), S. Traffic (Associate Partner & Co Consultant)
Name of Client: Roads & Highway Department (RHD)

Description of Project:

The main objective of the service is the operation and management of roads & bridges, ITS, and web-based real-time modern electronic/ Computerized toll collection System by 32 booths along with 6 (six) weigh scale of N8 expressway (Jatrabari to Bhangha including Kadamtali link) and operation services. The specific objectives are the operation and management of roads & bridges, ITS, and toll collection system of N8 expressway using web-based real-time modern electronic/ computerized system by a total 32 both; operation of electronic toll collection system (ETC) by 4 booths; operation of toll collection system (TCS) by 28 booths (including 8 nos. additional TCS), operation of 6 nos. Weigh scale; duration: 5 (Five) years

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Operation and management (O&M) of Electronic/ Computerized Toll System.
  • Collection of Toll revenue by 32 booths from vehicles on N8 road (Jatrabari to Bhanga including Kadamtali link) and deposit of the toll revenue to the nearest scheduled bank, as instructed by the employer for 5 (Five) years.
  • Electronic toll collection system (ETC) under the RFID system collects charges according to the type of vehicle detector including two sets of 64 optical sensors that can accurately detect the vehicles and hook.
  • Supply of ANPR system that can take video by receiving a signal from a car detector, upload the recognized vehicle plate number to servers, manage and use it for review, and automatically display the recognized vehicle plate number to servers, manage and use it for review, and automatically displays the recognized vehicle plate number at the toll terminal in the toll booth.
  • Supply of vehicle classification system on manual toll collection system (TCS) lane that automatically classifies entering vehicles as per govt. rules.
  • Operation of manual toll collection system (TCS) that collects charges by cash or prepaid card or automated RFID.
  • Operation of motorcycle/ rickshaw van/ rickshaw / by cycle / pushed cart only lane that detects the vehicle, not classify the type of vehicle.
  • Establishing toll plaza including hardware and software.
  • Establishing toll plaza monitoring centered office of additional chief engineer, RHD, Dhaka zone including hardware and software which will act as a data center for this service.
  • Establishing hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) server for efficient use of computing resources.
  • Ensure regular backup support for safe storage of all server data.
  • Supply of all types of consumables including stationery, cookery, toiletries, etc for the operation and maintenance of toll plaza as required.
  • Establishing Software to clear charges in connection with clearing agencies (RFID issuers, smart card issuers).
  • Technology Transfer and Institutional Training.
  • Supply of web-based software developed using DBMS, and servers configured as centralized type and duplexed.
  • Networking with authorities that manage vehicle number plate information for vehicle classification review
  • Operation of 6 (Six) Nos. Of Weigh Scale at N8 Expressway
  • Supply of Vehicle Detection System (VDS), CCTV, Variable Message Sign (VMS), Lane Control Sign (LCS) to ensure Traffic Management, Safety, and security support within the project area.
  • Road & Bridge Routine Maintenance work including repairs.
  • Submission of the report(s) including inter alia daily report(s) Which Includes toll collection, revenue deposit, etc. information to the concerned Executive Engineer, Road and Highways Department (RHD)
  • The tentative Service start date is the Contract Signing date and Maintenance Period, the Service Provider will start Toll Collection on 01 July 2022.
  • The assignment is to establish an Electronic toll collection system (ETC) under the RFID system, a Manual Toll Collection System (TCS) under the Automatic Vehicle Classification system, etc. Electronic toll collection system (ETC) under the RFID system collects charges according to the type of vehicle recorded on the RFID tag attached to the vehicle, The Manual Toll Collection System (TCS) lane automatically classifies entering vehicles into five types based on the wheel width and tread and collect charges. For ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) camera. Data Generated from the lane must be transmitted to the Data Centre’s server and managed by DBMS and Employer, and operators and employers can inquire, review, process, aggregate, and close the contract, it could be extended under mutual consultation according to to construction schedule.