Consultancy Service for Construction of Cable Car at Naaf Tourism Park

Name of Client: Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)

Description of Project:

Bangladesh Economic Zone Authority (BEZA) has been promulgated under the Bangladesh Economic Zones Act, 2010 to develop the Economic Zones (EZ) across the country. Naf Tourism Park is one of the proposed economic zones, located in Jaliardwip, Cox’s Bazar, and will be the first exclusive tourism park in Bangladesh. BEZA is developing this as part of its plan to develop 100 special economic zones throughout the country. Naf Tourism Park is located in the Jaliardwip island which is situated in the middle of the Naf river that divides Myanmar and Bangladesh. Naaf Tourism Park will be the first river-based exclusive tourism park in the Cox‘s Bazar district encompassing an area of 271 acres. Naaf is an amazing island in the middle of the Naaf River and it lies between the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Having hill and river views, it is multi-faced, diverse, and admirably beautiful. The purest air, and lofty hill create perfect conditions for the development of all types of tourism & entertainment facilities. The feasibility study is done by UNICONSULT- a German-based consultancy firm and EIA & SIA were done by PwC, India. DoE has provided environmental clearance for the development of Tourism Park. An 80-kilometer road from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf along the Bay of Bengal, billed as the world’s longest Marine Drive, has been opened to traffic. The BEZA has planned to make connectivity between the Naf tourism park and the Marine Drive so that the people approaching from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf through the Marine Drive can enjoy the full entrainment facilities of the Naf tourism park. The cable car would be one of the different ways of connectivity. This kind of connectivity would be to attract more tourists from home and abroad.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: (This project has been done by Padma Communications Ltd., a sister concern company of Tele Tell Communications)

  • To conduct the land survey work
  • To carry out the sub-soil investigation and collect the necessary data as required for the design of the cable car
  • To perform the detailed design of the cable car and prepare the working drawings
  • To prepare Cost Estimates, Bill of Quantities (BoQ), Tender Documents and assist in selecting the construction company
  • To provide all other services necessary for the assignment
    Survey work: In this phase, the study on the construction of the cable car, starting from the near end of the Marine Drive road and passing over the Naithang reserve forest to the near edge of the Jaliardhip. It includes the following activities:
    a) Social Impact Assessment
    b) Strategic Environmental Assessment /Environmental Impact Assessment
    c) Setting up the alignment of the cable car from a digital survey of the proposed area such as setting up the origin, destination, number, and location of the stations of the cable car including terminals
    Subsoil investigation: Then necessary information on the physical properties of soil and rock around the site for the design of the foundation will be obtained and analyzed.
    Design Phase:
    i) Architectural and landscaping work: In this sub-phase, the master plan of the cable car layout, 3D animation of the cable car, and architectural and landscaping working drawings will be prepared. It includes the following activities:
    a. Preparation of Master plan of the cable car layout
    b. Design development and details
    c. Building forms
    d. 3D Visualization (including Animation)
    e. Model Making (in scale)
    f. Preparation of architectural and landscape working drawings

ii) Structural work: The work in this sub-phase includes the design and drawings of different structural components of the proposed cable car, such as
a. Design of foundations of the cable car towers, terminal buildings
b. Design of towers for the cable car
c. Design of super-structural members of terminal buildings

iii) Mechanical work: The work in this sub-phase includes the design and drawings of different mechanical components of the proposed cable car system, such as
a. Design and details of cable car system
b. Design and details of terminals
c. Design of HVAC system
d. Design of plumbing system
e. Design of lifts and escalators
f. Design of firefighting system
iv) Electrical work:

The work in this sub-phase includes designing the power system, control system, automation, surveillance, and communication system of the proposed cable car system, such as
a. Substation design including backup power
b. Utility design
c. Surveillance System Design
d. Cable Car Electrical System Design
e. Demonstration System Design
f. Communication System Design
g. Automatic Ticketing System Design
h. Automatic Queuing System Design
i. Grounding system design

B) Tender Assistance Phase:
Preparation of tender documents and assisting the client in selecting the contractor for the construction of the cable car and related works.
C) Supervision of the work:
This work includes the top supervision of the construction work of the cable car. The total number of visits for the period of 24 months of the construction works would be 24. The regular supervision of the works (installation, commissioning, and construction works) of the cable car shall also be monitored by the consultant.