Hatirjheel Cable Car Project (on-going)

This project is ongoing

Hatirjheel (also known as Hatirjheel-Begunbari) is a lakefront in Dhaka, Bangladesh that has been transformed into a transportation medium for lessening traffic congestion. The area was constructed under The Bangladesh Army and Special Works Organization (SWO). It is now a popular recreational spot for residents of Dhaka. This project was inaugurated on January 2, 2013, by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 11 am. After the inauguration, Hatirjheel project was opened for the general use.

A Cable Car from Karwan Bazaar Area with stoppage near Hatirjheel-Mogbazaar-Bridge, Police Plaza Gulshan and Hatirjheel-Rampura corner can be built for commercial use by the pedestrians and also some cargo cabins may be placed in the system for necessary wet cargo carrying from Karwan Bazaar to Rampura or Gulshan or Vice-Versa. This Cable car system will allow passengers, such as – school, college, university going students, office workers and others to go around the Hatirjheel area with ease and very quickly. For example: from Karwan Bazaar to Rampura in about 8 minutes or less, from Rampura to Gulshan in about 2 minutes with a very affordable price.

The Hatirjheel Cable Car will be the most popular transport for the passengers willing to travel from Rampura, Bonosree, Aftab-Nogor to Gulshan, Moghbazar and Karwan Bazar area. It will also be the primary choice for people of Iskaton, Moghbazar, Karwan Bazar to the other end.